Love French nails? here’s your quick guide!

Most girls with remote liking for nail art have a thing for French nails. French nails never go out of fashion, and you can do a lot more than the basic design. For the uninitiated, French nails are all about simplicity. Pale pink or beige nails have bright white tips, which make the nails look cleaner and sober. If you are a working woman or a new bride who cannot try the extreme nail arts, French nails should fit the bill. You can get a number of minimalistic designs, and for some ideas, you can check websites like, which have a bunch of new photos.

Get yourself a basic French manicure kit, some nail art stones and basic tools, and you are good to go! What’s even better is the option to get the style on even smaller nails – Try a few ideas now and let us know your feedback.